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Once, a small company built on heart. Now, an internationally-recognized symbol of prestige, adventure and family values. With more than 50 years of enriching lives, creating memories, and hand-crafted excellence, this is the hallmark of Regal Boats.

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Sterndrive Bowrider


Don’t let its modest size fool you. The Regal 2000 ES is a big deal. With expansive social seating and generous storage, it offers abundant space for everyone on board. This 20-foot bowrider is the ideal choice for a family looking to live large on the water.


Make the water your playground in a model that leads the pack—literally and figuratively. With deceptively spacious seating and storage concealed within its ultra-sleek profile, the Regal LS2 provides plenty of room for recreation.


Innovation seamlessly woven into every aspect of its design, the Regal LS4 is a blend of intelligence and beauty. This 24-foot bowrider delivers heightened performance and unparalleled versatility without compromising on space or comfort. In the realm of true luxury, the Regal LS4 stands out, because true luxury means never sacrificing style for substance.


Balancing leisure and adventure seamlessly, the Regal LS6 epitomizes the ultimate fusion of style, comfort, and versatility. Relax with your guests in various spaces, whether it's the versatile bow, the transom's lounging area, or the helm featuring captain and co-captain chairs. The Regal LS6 ensures that everyone on board can appreciate the thoughtful, innovative features that elevate your boat day to the next level.


Crafted to deliver an extraordinary day boating experience, the LS9 is perfect for creating enduring memories with friends and family. Boasting premium craftsmanship and meticulous design, it provides boundless comfort and features industry-leading standard and upgradable technology, making it effortlessly accessible to reach more destinations than ever before.


Unleash the full potential of day-yachting with the Regal 3300. Versatile and luxurious, this model caters to the needs of even the most discerning boaters. Its expansive layout accommodates up to 18 guests, ensuring comfortable and entertaining spaces for all. Whether you crave adventure, relaxation, or a blend of both, the Regal 3300 empowers you with the capability to do it all.


Truly one-of-a-kind, the Regal LS36 seamlessly blends the best of both worlds, exceeding expectations as both a luxurious yacht and a sporty bowrider, marking it as a complete game-changer. This comfortable bowrider is ideal for sunset cruises or lively weekends hosting friends and family. The innovative tech and thoughtful design integrated throughout the Regal LS36 make it effortlessly easy to let the good times roll.

A convenient low-to-the-water swim platform, spacious layouts, and thoughtful ergonomics make the Sterndrive Bowrider perfect for families and activities of all shapes and sizes.

Outboard Bowrider


Say goodbye to compromises and hello to adventure aboard the Regal 21 OBX. Offering handcrafted luxury and a spacious layout, this versatile vessel effortlessly accommodates family and friends. Innovative features elevate your day on the water, taking the experience to the next level.


Introducing the Regal LX2, an outboard-powered bowrider carrying a signature look, spacious storage, and meticulous craftsmanship of the LX series into a compact 22’ 7” package. Its exceptional handling is owed to the FasTrac hull, meticulously optimized for outboard power. Unmatched in versatility, the Regal LX2 features multi-position seating, a lowering PowerTower S2, and a low-to-the-water swim platform, making it a true game-changer on the water.


Experience uncompromised performance, functionality, and luxury with the Regal LX4, where every detail is thoughtfully engineered. This 24-foot outboard-powered bowrider optimizes every available inch to maximize both seating and storage space. Incorporating trademark Regal features such as Slide-Away Seating, deeper lazarette storage, and a wide interior beam, the LX4 caters to both novice and seasoned captains alike. Revel in the comfort and sporty excellence of a boat that upholds the renowned reputation of excellence.


Prepare for your next adventure with the Regal LX6, ready to take you wherever your desires lead, all while exuding elegance and style. This model seamlessly integrates hand-crafted upholstery, ample storage, and innovative features, including a surprisingly spacious head. With an optimized platform and an unparalleled ride, the Regal LX6 promises an unforgettable experience.


Get ready to be captivated by the LX9, a 29-foot outboard-powered masterpiece that establishes new benchmarks for excellence, luxury, and performance while introducing a cutting-edge level of technology. Meticulously crafted with uncompromising attention to detail, the LX9 maximizes every inch to provide an unparalleled boating experience. Embrace a new realm of fun and embark on unforgettable adventures.


With the Regal 33 OBX, your exploration knows no bounds. Whether you're cruising nearby or venturing far, this boat is designed for limitless possibilities. Host a party, serve drinks and dinner at the expansive refreshment center, or unwind in the well-appointed, comfortable berth complemented by a well-equipped head. Seamlessly combining adventure and entertainment, there's virtually nothing this luxury outboard can't handle.


Thirty-six feet of dynamic comfort technology advancements, and innovative thinking converge for the ultimate day yachting experience. The LX36, with its expansive layout and considerate design, provides unmatched space for relaxation, entertainment, and the creation of cherished memories on the water. Embrace the future of boating through cutting-edge technology that elevates your experience to unprecedented heights. Discover the perfect fusion of luxury, functionality, and boating lifestyle aboard the unparalleled LX36.

Outboard power and a spacious wrap-around swim platform meet ergonomic seating and the latest tech to give the Outboard Bowrider series unmatched versatility for fun and adventure anywhere.



Upgrade your wake with the Regal LS2 Surf, a model crafted to give water sport enthusiasts the ride of a lifetime every time. Discover the perks of innovative engineering and design—like a smoother ride, touchscreen controls, customizable wake and more. The Regal LS2 Surf is your ticket to endless thrills on the water.


Using powerful, cutting-edge technology, the Regal LS4 Surf maximizes the performance of every wave it generates. Featuring a modern and innovative surf system, you have the ability to adjust your boat's speed, trim, and ballast effortlessly with the touch of a button. Designed to provide you with total control, the Regal LS4 Surf ensures you have more time in the sun and enjoy the water.


Glide across calm waters, relax in the sun or surf perfect waves in the Regal LS6 Surf. The multifunctional Regal Surf System empowers you, putting control in your hands to create a wake tailored to your needs, age, ability, skill level, and thirst for adventure. Innovative, versatile, and swift, the Regal LS6 Surf serves as your ticket to endless hours of fun with family and friends.


Crafted for maximum surf performance, the LS9 Surf stands out with an array of standard features and cutting-edge technology. Its ergonomic layout and thoughtful design guarantee a comfortable ride, making it ideal for surfers in pursuit of the ultimate wake-surfing experience. The LS9 Surf is the epitome of creating unforgettable moments on the water.


At nearly 40' long, 11' 11" wide, and showcasing a meticulously designed open layout ideal for entertaining, the 38 Surf proudly holds the title of the world's largest surf boat. Its unique size and layout offer a one-of-a-kind surfing experience. Equipped with dual Volvo Forward Drives, dual 22-inch Glass Cockpit Displays, and requiring no ballast to fill, this extraordinary vessel generates an impressively long wave with substantial push, setting it apart as a standout in the world of surf boats.

With an intuitive wave-shaping surf system, the Regal Surf series carves deep into the water – creating a signature wake surfing experience at the touch of a button.



The Regal 33 SAV stands out with its multitude of features, catering to boaters of all kinds. Seamlessly fusing versatility and luxury, this model embodies the essence of a do-it-all, outboard-powered day-yacht with overnighting capabilities. Recognized as the Sports Activity Vessel, the Regal 33 SAV lives up to its reputation, ready to transport you virtually anywhere, anytime, for almost any activity.


Living up to its name, the Sports Activity Vessel seamlessly merges the worlds of sports, day boating, and overnighting. The unparalleled versatility, enhanced by added luxury, gives rise to an exceptional, outboard-powered day yacht that excels in every aspect—from entertaining guests to catching the night's dinner. The 38 SAV rightfully holds a place in a league of its own.


At nearly 40' long, 11' 11" wide, and showcasing a meticulously designed open layout ideal for entertaining, the 38 Surf proudly holds the title of the world's largest surf boat. Its unique size and layout offer a one-of-a-kind surfing experience. Equipped with dual Volvo Forward Drives, dual 22-inch Glass Cockpit Displays, and requiring no ballast to fill, this extraordinary vessel generates an impressively long wave with substantial push, setting it apart as a standout in the world of surf boats.

A Flagship of Refinement

Welcome to the pinnacle of day boat innovation and luxury with Regal Boats’ flagship, the 50 SAV. Boasting an expansive 50-foot length overall and a 14′ 7″ beam, the 50 SAV is a marvel of design. Dual GarmRests, Dual opening Terrace Doors, Regal LivePower, and a spacious cabin open up new realms of possibilities, inviting you to immerse yourself in the grandeur of the open water.

With wide-open layouts and luxurious interiors, the Express Cruiser series combines style, comfort, technology and just about everything else you need to make the most out of your days and nights on the water.

Express Cruiser


With every weekend comes a new opportunity for adventure. Elevate your experience with the Regal LS4C. Beyond its sleek and sporty aesthetic, this vessel presents a generous and luxurious layout, delivering comfort, versatility, and convenience seamlessly within both the cockpit and the inviting cabin below.


Embark on your grand adventure aboard the Regal 26 Express, a vessel that epitomizes unparalleled comfort and functionality throughout. Relax in the versatile cockpit seating and luxuriate in the generous salon, featuring an entertainment center and a full-sized aft berth. This daring cruiser truly encompasses the essence of a comprehensive boating experience.


Precision-engineered for unparalleled versatility and meticulously handcrafted with a focus on elevating every aspect of your boating experience. The Regal 26 XO stands as a sophisticated cruiser that sets a new standard of excellence. Boasting a diverse range of amenities both above deck and below, this boat is meticulously designed to ensure you and your guests feel consistently comfortable, relaxed, and refreshed throughout the day.


Abundant in amenities, distinctive features, and polished good looks, the 28 Express is equipped for the dream excursion you've envisioned. Indulge in relaxation and savor the journey from the expansive cockpit to the roomy cabin space below deck. No matter your destination, navigate with absolute comfort and confidence aboard the Regal 28 Express.


The Regal 33 Express is the epitome of a do-it-all, have-it-all cruiser designed for boaters in pursuit of unforgettable experiences. Unwind in the vast open spaces above deck or retreat below to indulge in premium amenities within the expansive cabin. Whether you're hosting a leisurely lunch, enjoying family tubing adventures, or spending an entire weekend on the water, the 33 Express makes a statement worthy of conversation.


The Regal 33 XO blends the expansive layout of a Regal Express Cruiser with the versatility and low-maintenance benefits of outboard power. This combination allows you to embark on adventures in a multitude of new waters, accommodating both your journey and a large group of passengers. Elevate your cruising experience and the memories created on board with a thoughtfully curated selection of features, enabling you to venture farther than ever before.

With wide-open layouts and luxurious interiors, the Express Cruiser series combines style, comfort, technology and just about everything else you need to make the most out of your days and nights on the water.



Step into luxury aboard the 36 Grande Coupe. Experience a lavish environment where comfort and innovative design can be found in every corner. From the versatile multi-position bow seating to the convenient refreshment center, open-air salon, and the convertible face-to-face layout of the aft cabin—luxury knows no bounds.


The 36 XO offers an all-encompassing experience, accommodating every activity seamlessly. Bask in the sun on the expansive bow seating, find comfort in the California Queen and roomy settee below deck, or dock for a night out after refreshing in the walk-in shower. With versatile multi-position seating and extra legroom in the aft, this vessel provides ample space for a weekend retreat with family and friends.


The Regal 38 Grande Coupe sets a new standard in boating. Whether you crave the warmth of the sun or prefer the cool shade of the salon, this boat offers abundant space for unwinding. Boasting an extensive array of features meticulously crafted for both entertainment and relaxation, the 38 Grande Coupe stands unparalleled in its extraordinary blend of style, size, and amenities.


The Regal 38 XO seamlessly merges the features of a sport yacht with the versatility of an outboard bowrider, defining a unique class in its own right. This model redefines luxury and innovation, offering the flexibility of outboard power to empower you with the freedom to embark on all kinds of adventures with your family.


Enjoy multi-level luxury aboard the Regal 38 Fly, where system controls are at your fingertips and a spacious king-sized stateroom beneath your feet. The expansive layouts offer a 360º view of the water, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing breeze until the sun sets. If you're a boater seeking adventure from an elevated point of view, the 38 Fly stands out as the ultimate choice.


Craft new memories, ascend to greater heights, and navigate unexplored routes aboard the Regal 38 FXO. This outboard-powered yacht offers unparalleled versatility and panoramic 360° open-air views. Take in the beauty of the water's beauty from any point, be it the flybridge or the climate-controlled upper-salon with its expansive panoramic windows. Regardless of your chosen course or the weather you encounter, the Regal 38 FXO ensures your comfort every step of the way.


Impressive in both power and elegance, the Regal 42 Grande Coupe is a show-stopper. Crafted with Regal's heightened standard of luxury, this bold yacht features an extensive range of amenities, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched comfort. Embark on a journey to truly indulge, play, explore, unwind, and entertain as you experience luxury aboard the Regal 42 Grande Coupe.


Unwind and relax aboard the 42 XO in meticulously designed cabins, where the spacious layout allows for optional additions like a second head or lower refreshment center. The standard en-suite head, adorned with premium materials, features a separate walk-in shower. Upstairs, the full-beam retractable hardtop, opening side windows, and sliding glass doors seamlessly blend the upper salon and aft patio, creating a space for everyone on board to enjoy outdoor living and shared entertainment.


Experience ultimate outboard-powered luxury with the Regal 42 FXO, a sport yacht that seamlessly combines versatility with effortless maintenance. Its pull-up, user-friendly motor transforms it into an outstanding sandbar-hopper. Unparalleled performance, outboard adaptability, and top-tier luxury converge to create the perfect setting for boundless entertainment and relaxation on the water, no matter where your destination may be.


With its expansive flybridge, opulent open-air atrium, and innovative features for over 50 years of boating excellence, the 42 Fly stands as a singular masterpiece. Whether you aspire to navigate uncharted waters, witness breathtaking sunsets from an elevated vantage point, or embark on a memorable weekend getaway with loved ones, the 42 Fly effortlessly accomplishes it all with unparalleled style.


Large and full of life, our Yacht series boasts head-turning good looks, luxury in every detail, spacious floorplans, open-air salons, heads, cabins, galleys and an ambience that truly earns the name Regal.

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Regal Boats has always been a family-first company. It’s how we were founded and how we operate. Today, our family has grown to include nearly 800 talented team members. And we all have one thing in common—a passion for building luxury boats. That’s why Regal boats are built locally, each individually handcrafted with care. By our family. For yours.