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Ultimate Trim Series


Elevate your boating adventure with the Regal Boats Ultimate Trim Series. Experience unrivaled customization, state-of-the-art technology, and unparalleled luxury. Make a statement on the water and enjoy the ultimate advantages of a truly exceptional handcrafted boat.

Ultimate Series Highlights


Nearly 1,000,000 ways to customize

From customizable interiors to your choice of towers and audio brands, the Regal Ultimate Trim Series provides nearly 1,000,000 ways to make your Regal uniquely yours.

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Heightened Technology

We are bringing technology to a higher level in the Ultimate Trim Series. Bigger and additional displays, upgraded audio, digital switching, and more are all available.


Best Equipped In Class

With a standard PowerTower S2, Fusion Stereo Performance Package, customizable interiors, dual displays, and more, the Regal Ultimate Trim Series is unparalleled in its class when it comes to standard features and equipment.


Even More Ultimate Upgrades

If our long list of standard features and equipment isn't enough for you, add even more Ultimate upgrades like the Ultimate JL Audio package, colored hardtops, a companion screen and more.

The Details

New Chil Interior

There’s no need to worry about your dark seating getting too hot. Chil upholstery is now available exclusively on the Ultimate Trim Series models.

Standard Digital Switching and E-Key

Enjoy standard full vessel control from your displays with Digital Switching and keyless start with E-Key on our 24′ and above Ultimate Trim Series models.

Standard Dual Screen Displays

We have brought dual-screen displays all the way down to our LS2, LS2 Surf, and LX2 with dual 9″ displays. As you grow in the series, so do the screens.

Standard PowerTower S2

Low bridges and storage are thought of the past thanks to the standard lowering PowerTower S2. Looking for a more traditional look? Try our available PowerTower. Do you want more coverage? Dive into our available Power Hardtop.


Ultimate Audio

Audio quality is key when out on the water. The Regal Ultimate Trim Series is standard with premium audio from Fusion or if you are looking to raise the bar, opt for the Ultimate JL Audio package.


RGBW Underwater Lighting

Set your lighting to any color with the standard RGBW cockpit lighting and available RGBW underwater lighting.


Colored Hard Top

Is the customizable interior not unique enough? Choose your color for the underside of your Power Hardtop.


Colored Swim Platform

Customization in this series is pretty much endless. You can even choose the color of your swim platform.

Build Your Ultimate Regal