• Surf System
    Wake up, Drop in

    Regal's innovative surf system will awaken the senses of adventure seekers both inside and behind the boat. It combines our Surf Tab System with a 1,000 pound Ballast System to create non-stop surfing and wake boarding action. Our exclusive RegalVue display controls left and right surf tabs, directing the rider to the correct side by flashing the port or starboard transom brake light. As boarder and wave become one, RegalVue precisely manages speed control which can be customized for each rider. And underneath it all you'll find Volvo Penta's new Forward Drive, an innovative propulsion system providing the ideal platform for any watersports activity. Explore the media below to see for yourself.

  • FasTrac
    Progress From The Foundation Up

    A Regal boat earns its reputation for inspiring performance based on the design of its hull — the core over which everything else is built. The FasTrac is engineered with a full-beam step to reduce drag and friction, a patented innovation that's garnered acclaim and awards from the industry and our selective owners.

    Comparative Speed and Fuel Economy

    • Speed
    • Fuel Economy
    Performance at Cruising Speeds
    Regal FasTrac 40mph @ 3200 RPM - 26% Faster
    Competitive Model* 30mph @ 3200 RPM
    Regal FasTrac 3mpg @ 3200 RPM – 30% Faster
    Competitive Model* 2mpg @ 3200 RPM

    * Competitive model of comparable size and propulsion.

  • PowerTower
    Where Flexibility Becomes An Option

    A boat should fit the enthusiast's lifestyle without compromise. The PowerTower allows more space for watersports equipement and speakers. With a tow eye and the pulling strength of three traditional aluminum sport towers, the option is designed to thrill and deliver flexibility at the touch of a button.

    Close Open
  • UltraLounge
    Ergonomics in Degrees

    The luxury to change your position becomes your choice. The UltraLounge is a refined reverse lounge and backrest that provides six adjustable seating positions from upright all the way down to a full bed. It's comfort designed down to the minutia.

  • Fusion Marine Stereo
    The Tone Sets the Atmosphere

    Setting a tone for acoustic design made brilliantly simple. The Fusion Marine Stereo is a dynamic sound system with a 3.2-inch backlit and transflective screen. The intuitive experience gives you the freedom to dock and navigate through iPod and iPhone music libraries with ease.

  • RegalVue
    Intuition at the Forefront

    The world's only multi-functional touch screen display offer for boats in its class comes to the cockpit. RegalVue displays customizable engine data, GPS navigation, optional cruise control, music and video playback.

    • Settings
      Change the brightness of the screen, auto volume, DVD cutoff and units of measurement through a simple settings page.
    • GPS
      The GPS comes loaded with a national map and the option to download more.
    • Dashboard
      Monitor your boat with optional data bar that can display custom information.
    • Cruise
      Set and program speeds for different water sports with the optional cruise control using touch-screen controls.
    • Audio
      Complete control over your Fusion Stereo lets you play, skip and select your music.
    • DVD / Media
      An optional DVD player and an input option for camera playback.
    • Diagnostics
      The intuitive engine and system diagnostics lets you fix and avoid troubles on the spot.
    • Engine
      Engine overview shows speed, temperature, trim, volt and the oil level of your boat.
  • Convertible Hardtop
    For the Forecast of the Moment

    The name Regal Boats lives up to the sheer bliss of every moment. Shield yourself when the moment and the elements change with a full-beam electronic sunroof that spans above the entire cockpit and slides close. Open the walk-through to allow the atmosphere to enter the cockpit at your beck.

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  • Arena Seating
    Comfort Comes From Within

    The environment of the boating cockpit makes occupants feel both freedom and control. The expansive craftsmanship and seating design gives bountiful space and storage. So, riders can lounge at will and watch watersports enthusiasts cruise in the boat's wake.