Sport Yacht



At the highest level of yachting luxury, you find Regal and its fine American craftsmanship married with sensible functionality. After all, even the greatest luxury should serve its purpose.

Luxury inside and out.

Whether you are looking for a weekend adventure or the ultimate memory making machine for a long trip, Regal is your premier choice.


Master Staterooms

Every Regal Sport Yacht master stateroom boasts a sprawling layout with luxurious cabinetry, large hull-side windows for expansive views, and a Queen or King size berth for the utmost comfort.

Single Level Cockpit Sole

Being onboard means being together, so our exclusive features have been designed expressly for comfort as well as camaraderie.

Best In Class Heads

Step inside the head of a Regal Sportyacht and be transported to a place where luxury and comfort come alive. The head in the Regal Sport Yacht is second to none, featuring beautiful stainless faucet features and wonderfully warm hidden accent lighting.

Optional PowerPlatform

With a touch of a button, gently submerse the PowerPlatform underwater for easier water and boat entry.

Sport Yacht Series

35 Sport Coupe

The 35 Sport Coupe is the vision of grace and powerful innovation inside of a defined sports yacht.

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42 Fly

The 42 Fly isn't just any sport yacht, it's the most innovative luxury yacht in nearly 50 years of Regal boating excellence

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42 Grande Coupe

The all-new 42 Grande Coupe was thoughtfully designed with the best of Regal's standard luxury but is enhanced by an innovative sprawling layout that seamlessly blends the upper salon and cabin into one immense open space.

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42 Sport Coupe

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46 Sport Coupe

The 46 Sport Coupe offers purebred innovation as the quintessential sports yacht for open waters.

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53 Sport Coupe

The luxury to enjoy life and it’s finest moments become yours with the latest 53 Sport Coupe.

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